About Us

Who we are

imgWe, CrustAsia Seafood Trading is a network of experts who connect buyers and suppliers.

We have experts on staff who use cutting-edge technology to find the best solution from every corner of the globe in order to satisfy our customers. We keep up with the global market to guarantee that we can give our customers a clear image of what they need.

We specialized in seafood sourcing, quality control, and other associated services. Our services are extremely beneficial to seafood importers looking to extend their footprint in India and middle east. We help our customers to plan their purchases using real-time market data from Indian and middle east seafood producers.

Our quality assurance staff has vast expertise in assessing raw material quality, online product quality control, packing, labelling, and other elements of the manufacturing process. We conduct in-depth organoleptic assessments of the cargo prior to shipment, using a random sampling technique, to guarantee that the product satisfies our client's quality and packaging criteria.

Furthermore, as a team with over a decade of experience in the seafood industry, we believe that product quality and food safety are vital. We're working really hard to make it happen.


Our products

Head On Shell On Vannamei

HeadLess Shell On Vannamei

Peeled Deveined Vannamei

Peeled Deveined Tail on Vannamei

Head On Shell On Black Tiger

HeadLess Shell On Black Tiger

Peeled Deveined Black Tiger

Peeled Deveined Tail on Black Tiger

Head On Shell On Poovalan

Peeled UNDeveined Poovalan

Head On Shell On karikkadi

Peeled UNDeveined karikkadi

indian mackerel

Ribbon Fish

Silver pomfret

Black pomfert

Cuttle Fish


Skipjack Tuna

Yellowfin Tuna




Our Services

imgOur goal is to meet all of your shrimp and seafood demands by sourcing and supplying the highest quality goods from India and the Middle East to our esteemed global customers.

We Can Offer:

  • Responsible Seafood sourcing and timely supply
  • Better product quality at reasonable price
  • Strict quality control measures to meet product specifications
  • Qualified and experienced quality control professionals to ensure product quality

Our Services:

  • Seafood sourcing and trading
  • Contract negotiation and management service
  • Packaging material and labeling confirmation
  • In process quality control service
  • Pre shipment product inspection service
  • Container stuffing inspection services
  • Post shipment follow ups
  • Market research and data collection services
  • New product development services

Product Quality

Quality Policy

Our skilled QC crew inspects and checks each consignment at various stages of production and lastly before loading into the container. Throughout the receiving, processing, packing, storage, and shipment, we place a high priority on freshness, hygiene and microbiological safety.

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